In CONVIN, we have taken very seriously our duty to act in the best interest of, not only our stakeholders and employees, but also the environment and our community in general. Through our CSR program and initiatives, we are trying to establish our role as:

  • providers of quality services that will help our clients by bringing them the best results
  • bearers of opportunities for our employees in order to ensure that they will evolve and prosper within our ranks
  • helpers to our society by offering our resources and services to help all vulnerable groups
  • protectors of the environment, by taking initiatives in favor of the sustainability of earth resources and the reduction of our environmental footprint.

The establishment of these roles, is supported by the following (indicative) actions:

  • Development of Sustainable policies in our Events
  • Insurance benefit programs for our employees
  • Financial and/or in-kind support to local charities / nonprofit organisations and vulnerable social groups

Moreover, we follow “green” practices to our premises such as:

  • Paper recycling
  • Maximize natural light
  • Responsible use of office lighting and air-conditioning
  • Use of glass or paper cups instead of plastic
  • Electronic filing (Minimize printing)
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CONVIN is an
ISO 9001:2015 certified company