Scientific e-Publishing Services

PCO CONVIN offers complete publishing, editorial and consulting services. Whether you wish to make the transition from a printed edition to a digital one, or you desire a more modern application of your digital journal, we can assist you take advantage of cutting edge e-publishing technology.

Raise the visibility of your edition with a modern, open access platform. Procedures such as submission, review, searching, content management and other publication procedures are fully automated and presented in an easy to use interface. Making your content freely accessible to scholars from different countries will increase your citations and ensure the lastability and growth of your journal.

Specifically, we provide:

  • A modern website that hosts the issues of your publication
  • Online submission platform
  • Online review platform
  • Dynamic content management
  • Authors & keywords indexing
  • Multiple paper formats (PDF & HTML)
  • Communication with editors, authors and reviewers
  • Expert consultation on indexing and publication procedures
  • Secretarial support
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