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There is a rule in the market: “Quality, speed, cost-effectiveness. You can only choose two out of the three” 

CONVIN has changed this rule. We simultaneously offer quality, speed, personalized services and cost-effectiveness, flexibility & stability.”

We self estimate us as a fresh and dynamic organisation, initiated by specialists in Touristic and Event Management Projects.

It started out in 2000, as CONVIN (A.Alexandrou & Co LLP), an entity formed from high experienced professionals aiming to bring a new approach to the field of Tourism and Conventions. After some very successful years, in 2007, PCO CONVIN S.A. has been incorporated, in order to look forward at a higher level of Teamwork in Congress Organising.

In 2018, with a new corporate identity we try to signalise our aspiration in setting new quality standards for the services offered from our Team. We seek constantly for innovation, inspiring ideas and, at the same time, for the most practical solutions in every aspect what we undertake.

We are specialised in organising and coordinating Congresses and Incentives, Thematic Campaigns, Public Relations and Promotions. We undertake the secretarial and financial management of Scientific Associations and we offer editorial services for Scientific Journals. Furthermore, we can serve you in any aspect of your business or leisure trip.

Beginning the new decade as CONVIN S.A. and accredited member of IAPCO,  we invite you to share with us the experience and satisfaction of organising your own successful event.


  • Because the result of your efforts must be successful.
  • This is guaranteed by our experienced Management Team, which constantly cares for healthy finances and keeps up with the newest procedures and developments.
  • The decisive difference, though, is set by our commitment to discover the most profitable solution for your task, the enthusiasm we bring to each new project, our close cooperation with the organising committees and our internal need to instantly search for innovation, renewal and originality.

COVER IMAGE: electron microscope photo, depicting the bone structure, which combines flexibility and stability.

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